'I relaxed in such a profound way. The treatment immediately broke the chronic insomnia I was experiencing.' Steve C.


' My job is quite stressful and I have a monthly reflexology session as a distressing necessity.  I often arrive, head buzzing, talking nineteen to the dozen, but after a few minutes of treatment I already feel calmer and more centred in myself.  It's as if there is a button on my foot which Sarah knows how to switch off.  Her down to earth approach and attitude helps me to feel at ease and I leave feeling much more relaxed and ready to deal with whatever is thrown at me next. I would thoroughly recommend reflexology with Sarah as a regular 'service' for mind and body!' Anita R.

'After months of suffering, my whiplash injury was sorted out in one treatment'. Barbara

'If Tina Turner was inspired to sing after a session with Sarah, then her theme tune would have to be 'Simply The Best' because that's what she is!  Dave C.

​'I first started seeing Sarah for reflexology about 6 years ago, a couple of weeks after a big operation that I'd had. I had a very swollen neck around the operation scar and I think we were both surprised at how much the swelling went down almost instantly after the first reflexology treatment.  I recovered very quickly from this operation and the experience of the illness I'd had, both physically and mentally, and I would attribute some of this to Sarah's skill as a Reflexologist.  I still have treatments now on a regular basis, and Sarah's care has seen me through many of life's ups and downs, including redundancy and bereavement.  Penny

'I feel really sorry for my body sometimes, as it screams in silent pain trying to cope with the ups and downs of life. When Sarah walks through my door, whatever it has previously been through, I can feel my whole being relax even before she starts to treat me.'  Rich D.



Pregnancy Reflexology


'Sarah was recommended by all and sundry as a reflexologist who could 'get things' going' if I went overdue during my pregnancy.  3 days after my due date I visited Sarah at the Urban Fringe Dispensary. I was already experiencing some pre-labour pains.  During the treatment my contractions started getting regular and no sooner had I hopped off the couch but my waters broke.

Despite all the drama Sarah remained calm. An ambulance was called and while I waited for them to arrive Sarah attended to me in a very reassuring way and massaged me through the contractions.  Sarah then very kindly accompanied me to the hospital and stayed with me, massaging all the while, until I was examined to see whether baby was imminent and wait for my doula to arrive. To cut a long story short - Sarah was brilliant and given we had only just met a few hours before, we had an instant connection, which is testament to her wonderful caring and reassuring nature.

I wouldn't hesitate to say 'call her!' if you need a Doula or a Reflexologist.'  Anna G.                                                                                                                 


I found regular reflexology sessions with Sarah highly beneficial to relax me and replenish a feeling of general well-being, my baby always seemed to kick in a session and was born complications free and is very calm. Jo


'I just wanted to let you know that a few hours after you left me last Monday afternoon, I started having contractions and Isabelle was born the following morning at 8am after a very smooth labour!


Thank you for all your reflexology, it obviously helped things along!'  Belinda

'Your reflexology sessions were incredibly calming and restorative after I'd had a second miscarriage. I felt relaxed during and after, as well as physically and emotionally supported while trying for a baby with regular sessions. I only had one cold during the whole of the pregnancy, and a few times had belly ache giggles that can only happen when you're really relaxed! We were very happy to also have you as our doula, so special that you were supporting me so early on in the process and were there at our son's birth.' Tanagh