Reflexology for Pregnancy and Birth


Reflexology is one of the most popular therapies used by women during pregnancy to improve general well-being. It is non-intrusive, safe and extremely relaxing. Bringing a new life into the world is a wonderful and challenging experience and during pregnancy your body goes through major changes.  Reflexology can help to ease or prevent many of the common complaints  experienced at this time including:

• Morning sickness
• Nausea and headaches
• Pain and discomfort
• Digestive problems eg. constipation
• Backache
• Stress and anxiety
• Lack of sleep and fatigue
• Swollen/puffy ankles and legs
• Leg Cramps

On many occasions I have found that reflexology has helped

the onset of labour when the baby is overdue.



​​Birth – During labour it can help relieve the mother’s fatigue and pain, and I have found it useful to stimulate the placenta’s expulsion after the birth and to stimulate urinary and bowel function.

The New Mum
- Parents’ lives are thrown into unusual routines and deep fatigue as they re-adjust to the baby's arrival and the demands that that brings.  Having reflexology can help to:


• Reduce anxiety and help relaxation
• Increase energy levels
• Promote lactation
• Rebalance hormones
• Support the immune system


Babies - Reflexology can help alleviate common symtoms that babies may develop, making them calmer and more content, for example:


• Digestive problems eg. colic, constipation
• Sleep problems
• Teething
• Coughs and colds


I  run baby and toddler reflexology classes, teaching parents techniques that they can successfully and confidently use with their child.  Reflexology is a great way to bond with your baby and have some one-to-one time together. It can be used throughout childhood and is a great addition to your 'toolkit'.

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Reflexology for Fertility
Pregnancy is an important event in a woman’s life, but conception doesn't always happen easily. Fertility Reflexology is a cleansing and balancing treatment that can help to bring your mind and body into the best possible condition prior to conception. Regular treatments with some lifestyle changes may help to improve your chances of conceiving.
It can also be very beneficial for the man to receive treatment as it may help to improve sperm production as well as relieving stress and anxiety.

If you are embarking on an assisted conception programme, regular reflexology treatments can be a good support to help prepare your body and mind through the process.



Treatments cost £45-£55 depending on location.


Gift vouchers are available on request.