'Why hire a doula? If you are anything like my family, a husband a bit squeamish about childbirth (or anything that happens in hospitals). and me who was scared witless about the impending birth, then a doula is an excellent way to ensure that you and your partner have the very best support for the occasion.  My husband felt unsure about how much support he would be able to give me during labour and we decided that I would need additional support, so started to research Doulas.  Sarah was recommended to me by my ante-natal yoga teacher.  After meeting her we both felt more confident about the birth of our daughter.

Sarah is fabulous.  Her practical advice and support during the last weeks of pregnancy was excellent.  However, she really came into play during labour.  physically she was a great help for me during labour, and her mental suuport was extremely valuable to us both.  In the end my husband did attend the birth as he know that I was in a safe pair of hands.'  Paula S. 2009

'I asked Sarah to be my doula for the birth of my second baby, initially because my husband was very anxious about the birth experience, and I thought she could support him. However, the experience exceeded my expectations, because her support for me was invaluable.  I am in my forties and the obstetrician team were very keen to induce me.  Sarah gave me the confidence to question this, and in the end my daughter was born safely and completely naturally!  It was a wonderful experience and without Sarah it might have been very different.'  Jan E. 2011

'Sarah was crucial throughout our long and difficult labour.  She empowered and supported us throughout, so that we could make the choices necessary to meet our gorgeous daughter.' Dan 2011

'Sarah, I cannot thank you enough for your help, support and professionalism throughout the last month.  Choosing you as my Doula has been a great experience, not only for me but also for my husband.  It certainly made me feel a lot more comfortable and at ease during my birth experience.  The knowledge of having someone at your birth who you can trust and have built up a relationship with is very reassuring.  Nowadays, this is not the case with midwives - you just don't know who will walk through the door. Furthermore, the pre and postnatal reflexology and body massages have been very relaxing and have helped me greatly in preparing for the birth and also afterwards in my recovery.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family, especially if they are expecting their first baby or having a homebirth. It just gave me that extra needed confidence :).  Thanks again for everything.' Love Evelyn xx 2012

'As   I approached the birth to my second child I got more and more nervous about the delivery.  At the start  I had felt strongly that I had done it once and could do it again. As the date got closer, I got progressively more anxious that my second birth would be as hard and traumatic as the first. I called Sarah.  She was a healing balm for my anxiety.  We talked about my first birth, what happened, what went wrong and what went right.  She helped me to see past the things I did not want and embrace all the things that did go right. When it came time to have my son, she was in constant contact offering encouragement and support through a lengthy induction.  My husband and I both felt more relaxed when she arrived in the delivery suite.  Thanks to her support I was able to be calm and focused and my husband was able to focus on me as well.  Fours hours after the start of induction, my lovely boy came into the world without an epidural. I could not have done that without the love and help of my husband and Sarah.  In the first days following the birth and my husband going back to work, Sarah came around and helped.  She helped me take care of the family with dinners, kitchen clean up and toddler entertainment.  It was a huge help and a relief in those first tender days when I was trying to get my footing as the mum of two.'  Teresa H.

'Sarah, thank you for being a fantastic Doula.  You certainly made our birth experience the best we could have hoped for.  We have really appreciated all your help and support.' Jess and Ian 2012

'Sarah was our Doula for the birth of our second child, a beautiful little girl who came into the world on Christmas Day 2012.  Sarah came highly recommended by a friend and certainly didn't disappoint.  We met a few time before the birth, she took time to talk through the birth of my son, allowing me to reflect on that experience and take from it things that could help me with my second.  She took time to allay any concerns we had about a doula diminishing the role of my partner at the birth, and she listened to all our preferences and hopes for the coming birth.

My waters went on Christmas eve and never once did I feel as if Sarah would rather spend her Christmas morning anywhere else!  She worked amazingly with my partner throughout the labour, worked with me during the contraction and her presence was gentle, supportive and totally positive.  She helped us find our voice over some choices that arose during the labour and contributed to the birth being an amazing, positive and life affirming experience.

On Christmas morning she made me and my husband tea and toast before heading off to enjoy her Christmas - she must have been knackered but never showed it.  I would recommend Sarah whole heartedly.  She is honest, open, caring and genuinely excited about birth and supporting women in their experience.'  Rosie & Tim 2012

'Having been given the stats in NCT on having a doula present at the birth we decided they could not be ignored. Having called around we met up with Sarah and immediately connected. We employed her services and had an amazing birthing experience. We would certainly recommend Sarah to anyone.'  Chris & Sarah 2013

'From our first meeting, I knew Sarah would provide the perfect mix of practical help and emotional support. Sarah helped me to work through the negative emotions surrounding the birth of my first child, which ended in an emergency Cesarean after a long labour, and think positively about the kind of birth I would like this time. When my labour stalled after my waters had broken, Sarah visited us at home to provide reassurance and a relaxing reflexology treatment. Although I needed another Cesarean after a difficult labour, Sarah transformed the experience into a positive and empowering one with her calm, sensitive presence. I will never forget seeing Sarah when I came out of the operating theatre - she had stayed late into the evening after a long, arduous day, just to have a brief chance to meet my beautiful daughter and check my husband and I were settled.'   Lorna D. 2013

​'Sarah came highly recommended to us by a friend and we can wholeheartedly recommend her as a doula.  We found her to be friendly, knowledgeable, assertive and a great listener.  Sarah’s experience is such that during labour and birth she knows just what to suggest and otherwise melts into the background.  Her presence in itself was reassuring to us both.  It was particularly reassuring for my partner to have someone he knew with us.  Although all midwives I’ve met whilst birthing were lovely, they were all strangers to us during such an important experience. 

Sarah’s support and encouragement before the big day offered me great comfort and confidence; such that, I believe, this helped me to get my mind where it needed to be to let my body go with what it needed to do (if that makes sense!)  We planned for a home birth and I had a fantastic 2.5-hour labour and birthed our second son in the bath. Thank-you so much Sarah x'  Emma & Aron 2014 


'Sarah was our doula at the birth of our third child. It was the first time we'd used a doula and now we both can't think why we didn't before!  Having Sarah there at the birth helped both of us relax, especially when the midwife left the room. We felt in safe hands. It also allowed my husband to leave the room - something he hadn't done at the previous births! We laughed a lot during the birth and Sarah knew just what to say to get me through transition and to try and get me to have a break from the gas and air!
Having Sarah there didn't infringe on my partner's role, rather enhanced it. We worked together really well as a team. We both felt Sarah made a massive difference to our daughter's birth. She's a lovely, caring and experienced birth partner. After the birth when Ben was holding my hand in theatre, we're really pleased that our daughter was being held by Sarah.'  

Nuala & Ben 2015


'We first contacted Sarah for a one-off discussion about birth options whilst I was pregnant with our second child, as the birth of our first child had resulted in Caesarian section. This session was really helpful, and Sarah immediately understood what had been difficult about the first birth, and was both very supportive and informative in helping us think about how we would like things to be different next time.

We decided to employ her as our doula for the upcoming birth, and now feel so pleased that we did! Her sensitivity, experience and knowledge were a great support during the process of planning the birth (e.g. Giving us confidence to plan a VBAC - vaginal birth after Caesarian), particularly in the context of difficulties such as pressure to have another c-section due to the pregnancy going almost two weeks over the due date. Sarah was great at helping me to manage my own feelings and the expectations of others during this time, and fortunately I went into labour spontaneously.

Sarah was fantastic during the labour and birth, supporting both of us with everything from ensuring a relaxed, calm atmosphere in the room to encouraging and coaching me throughout. Sarah was also indispensable in holding my hand and reassuring me while I was being treated for a bleed which occurred after the birth, which meant that my partner was free to hold and look after our baby during that time.

I would recommend her services to anyone, as I feel sure that her calm, confident presence played a huge part in supporting us to have the wonderful VBAC we had so hoped for!'  Charlotte & John Mann 2015


Myself and my partner were anticipating the birth of our first baby with huge excitement but also some trepidation, not knowing quite what was in store for our experience of the labour. In order to approach it as calmly as possible we wanted to enlist a doula to support us both practically and emotionally through the process, and we asked Sarah to be that person. It was the best decision we could have made, and was instrumental in helping our 24 hr labour to be the incredible and positive birth we had hoped for. From the weeks leading up to our due date we built a trusting relationship that put us both at ease for the big day. It really felt like Sarah was one of the family! During labour itself, she was a phenomenal source of calm strength and wisdom, helping us to progress through the stages with confidence, and belief. From helping me through optimal birth positions to breathing in the most effective way to help me through each contraction, she knew what to do to help us every step of the way, and we were couldn't have hoped for a better experience. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. She's a special lady and a wonderful doula.  Sarah x    Jan 2016

'Having you as our doula was the best decision we could have made. We went into the birth more confident and relaxed knowing that you would be there with us. Dan was able to concentrate more on me during labour, with your calm, practical encouragement. I felt free to get on with the labour and focus, and to hug you when I needed a sacral back rub during contractions! Thank you for enabling us to have the birth we wanted, caring so much for us, and helping us welcome Alfie into the world with such love and humour.' Tanagh, Dan & Alfie 2016